Top Ten Wedding Money Saving Tips

Mr. Square Tower's Top Ten Wedding Tips: Saving Money!

Many couples spend (waste?) huge amounts of money on their wedding. So if you're on a tight budget, or if you simply prefer not spend money that you could spend on other things, here are some ideas for you...
1. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! One of the biggest elements of cost is the venue you hire for your wedding; hotels/country houses/castles can cost a small fortune! Here are some other options for you to consider:

  • Village Halls and Community Centres (they're usually very reasonably priced and many will let you do your own catering and bar, and some are really beautiful!).
  • Unusual/nonconventional venues such as Church Halls, Campsites, Schools, Sports Clubs, Factories, Ferries etc. Always ask; what's the worst thing they can say?
  • Friends/Relatives/Parents' houses gardens
  • Restaurants/Pubs: They'll often just charge you for the food and drink
  • Don't have a reception at all; for example, just tell everyone that you're going to the local pub/cafe/restaurant afterwards, and if they want to buy the happy couple a snifter...
2. SAVE THE DAY: TUESDAY THE 23RD JANUARY... In terms of the time of the year, November, January, February and March are the quietest for wedding venues. In terms of days of the week; Monday Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. You'll be very lucky to get a good deal on anything wedding-wise for a Saturday in August, but venues, caterers, photographers etc. will be much more likely to give a very good rate for a Tuesday in the depths of winter!

3. DON'T BUY NEW: BORROW, SCROUNGE AND BUY SECONDHAND. Friends and relations will have suits, dresses and all manner of stuff that it's ridiculous to buy for what will be one day's use. Failing that there's EBay, Gumtree where you can find some amazing bargains, and charity shops where not only do you get real and genuine bargains, but you're contributing to a worthwhile cause at the same time

4. FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! This can be a huge cost to you, so if you use a venue that doesn't have their own caterers, consider the following options (all of which I have seen work very well) : DIY catering/Bring a Dish/No food/Deliveries from food takeaways – Curry/Pizza/Thai/Chinese/Fish and Chips/Canapes, sandwiches etc delivered from supermarkets. Do bear in mind that although this will save you money, these options always involve more thought and work if they're to be successful!

5. THE DEMON DRINK! Even though drink prices at the Square Tower are (I think!) really reasonable, even if you just buy table wine and toast drinks for your guests this can really mount up. I've seen quite a few weddings where no drinks are provided, and people just go to the bar and order their own. No one will mind! I've also seen weddings where there's free bar and the couple's so called friends abuse this generosity to a disgusting degree...

6. THE CHEAPO 9.30 REGISTRARY OFFICE WEDDING SLOT: Throughout the country most registry offices offer a low-cost wedding option (but they rarely advertise or promote it, so you'll need to ask for details of a low cost marriage option). This is at a fraction of the cost of a registrar coming out to your venue. You can then get someone else to conduct your own ceremony where you "get married" in front of your friends and family later (some couples are upfront about this approach, but some keep it secret and when it's done well you'd never know...)
7. IT'S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, IT'S... rather than get professionals in to do things for you, ask friends and family to do your photographs/videography/flowers/your cake/decorations/waiting at tables/music (live performances DJ etc)/stationery etc. etc...

8. KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS And your sister/brother/best friend anyone really. This is a recipe for stress, spiralling bills, straining friendships and relationships. Just do your wedding in way that suits the two of you, and your personality and budget, and never try to outdo anyone!

9. DO YOU REALLY NEED THAT long and low flower creation, 60m of hand made bunting, photobooth, Rolling Stones tribute band, ludicrously expensive dress to change into in the evening, Master of Ceremonies, children's entertainer, truffle and caviar canapes, fleet of cars, double decker bus, hand printed stationery, lace chair covers, uplighters and so on and so on. Remember it's all about you two, and that you really love each other and that want to commit to each other in the presence of the people who matter most to you. And everything else is just trivia, and totally unnecessary trivia at that. Most money spent on these sorts of things is completely wasted.

10. CULL YOUR GUESTS. OK, although at times this may be tempting, the mass slaughter of your friends and family may be a bit extreme, but keeping them off your guest list is a really good idea (particularly for the bits of the wedding where you feed them and give them drink). Remember you don't have to invite anyone. Ignore any friend or relative who says "You've got to invite So and So" Quality beats Quantity when it comes to wedding guests. You can always invite them to the evening party, can't you? And if you choose a weekday, there will some that won't be willing to take the day off work to come to your wedding, so if you matter less than a day's salary/holiday to them do you really want them at your wedding?

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