Photo of the Square Tower at Old Portsmouth.

Photo of the coat of arms of William Mirfield. Governor of Portsmouth 1483 - 1484.

Photo of the coat of arms of William Coope. Governor of Portsmouth 1509.

Photo of the coat of arms of Sir Thomas Wyndham. Governor of Portsmouth 1514.

Photo of the coat of arms of Thomas Fitzalan. Governor of Portsmouth 1513.
The Square Tower, historic event venue, Old Portsmouth. Art and craft fairs, antique fairs, theatrical setting.

The Shields of the Governors of Portsmouth.

Displayed on the walls of the Lower Hall at the Square Tower in Old Portsmouth, there is a series of shields depicting the Coat of Arms of former Governors of Portsmouth.

In the 13th Century the Constable of Portchester Castle was also Governor of Portsmouth, this continued until the reign of Henry VIII, when Portsmouth had its own Captain or Governor.

The collection of shields on display in the Square Tower, shows the coats of arms of a number of the previous governors.

Photo of the coat of arms of Sir Richard Wingfield, displayed at the Square Tower, Portsmouth.
Sir Richard Wingfield 1551 – 1552
Keeper and captain of the town and Isle of Portsmouth, knighted by Henry VIII as ‘A Knight of the Garter’ in 1522.

Photo of the coat of arms of Thomas Fitzalan, in the Lower Hall of the Square Tower, Old Portsmouth.
Thomas Fitzalan 1513
Born on the 13th October 1381 Eldest son and heir of Richard Fitzalan11th Earl of Arundel, 12th Earl of Arundel. Fought in the Wars against the Welsh in 1401 and 1405, fought against the rebellious Archbishop Scrope in 1405 and in the war against the French in 1411. Was said to be "a capable military man, but savage, revengeful, and self-seeking."

Photo of the coat of arms of Sir Thomas Wyndham, the Square Tower venue at Old Portsmouth.
Sir Thomas Wyndham 1514
Eldest son of Sir John Wyndham, who was fund guilty of high treason as an accomplice to the Duke of Suffolk and beheaded on the 6th May 1512 by Henry VII.
Thomas Wyndham was Councillor and Vice Admiral to Henry VIII, during his life was Captain of The Mary Rose under his cousin Sir Edward Howard in 1512, he was then given a new ship the ‘John Hopton before being appointed Vice Admiral under Thomas, Earl of Surrey in 1514.

Photo of the Lower Hall at the Square Tower, Portsmouth. Showing Sir William Paulet's coat of arms.
Sir William Paulet 1545
Made treasurer of the Kings Household in 1538, 547 President of the council and keeper of the great seal. Sheriff of Hampshire 1512 – 1519, Governor of Portsmouth in 1545.

Photo of the coat of arms of Sir Henry Radclyff, in the Square Tower, Portsmouth, Hants.
Sir Henry Radclyff 1571
Best known as Fourth Earl of Sussex.
Appointed constable for life of Portchester Castle, and lieutenant of Southbere Forest (14 June 1560).
He was elected M.P. for Hampshire and received the office of warden and captain of the town, castle, and Isle of Portsmouth in 1571.

Photo of Sir Adrian Poynings coat of arms.
Sir Adrian Poynings 1559 – 1571
Appointed Governor of Portsmouth from 1559 to 1571.
Natural son of Edward Lord Poynings of Westerhanger, Constable of Dover Castle and Treasurer of the household to Henry VIII.

Picture form the Square Tower, Old Portsmouth of William Coope's coat of arms.
William Coope 1509
Stephen Coope 1511
Son of William Coope of Banbury

Photo of the coat of arms of Sir Richard Lee, hanging in the Square Tower at Portsmouth.
Sir Richard Lee 1545
Presumably the Sir Richard who was asked for assistance regarding the fortifications of Portsmouth by the Duke of Norfolk.

Photo in the Square Tower at Old Portsmouth of the coat of arms of Colnel George Goring.
Colonel George Goring 1639 – 1642
Son of George Goring the 1st Earl of Norwich.
Known as Lord Goring as he was the eldest son of an Earl.
Returned to England after becoming permanently lamed from a wound in Breda in 1637 and became Governor of Portsmouth in 1639.
Surrendered to the Parliamentary troops in August 1657.

Picture of William Mirfield's coat of arms at the Square Tower, Portsmouth.
William Mirfield 1483 – 1484
Supervisor and Governor of Portsmouth Town.
Mirfield, a supporter of Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III), was appointed keeper of Portchester Castle and governor of Portsmouth, following the rebellion of the Duke of Buckingham. Mirfield was given lands in Wiltshire and Hampshire worth 100 marks.

Picture of King Henry VIII's coat of arms at Portsmouth's Square Tower.
King Henry VIII
Royal coat of Arms.
Henry VIII was born at Greenwich on 28 June 1491, the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. He became heir to the throne on the death of his elder brother, Prince Arthur, in 1502 and succeeded in 1509.

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