Psychic reading of the Square Tower

Sue George - Medium

Here is the info I picked up whilst working at the Square Tower Christmas Fair but first could you bear in mind that I have very little knowledge of history having never studied it apart from at school many years ago and it can occasionally happen that I can pick up two energies and read them as one especially in the circumstances at the weekend as it was fairly busy and not the best of times to fully concentrate.

Anyway I hope some, if not all makes sense.

I first picked up on a gentleman wearing white socks, some form of garters, breeches and a brocade jacket. He showed me himself with closely cropped grey hair and told me he would have worn some form of wig when he was on business or out and there's powder connected with that. He also showed me some form of hat with three points, a tricorn? He would have kept something in his pocket, like a silver box possibly containing some form of freshener or snuff.

I feel that he lived here for sometime and that when he did there would have been dogs wandering about. He is delighted that this building is in use again and is very interested with everything that's going on here. I could see him walking about with a quick authoritative air looking at everything and approving. It was all done in a kind way and not a destructive one. There's some amusement about the problems you have with the electrics and he's telling me it's something to do with damp getting into the circuitry. You had an electrician who found the place a bit freaky and thought he felt something brush against his cheek or there's something to do with someone up a ladder here and feeling weird (in this life, not the next!)

When this man was here he was 'in charge' and showed me 3 or 4 gold coloured coins in his pocket. I got the feeling he was some sort of overseer, to do with the port and with goods coming in and out like there was some sort of checking to be done by him or his staff and tariffs to be paid, also saw something being weighed. He would have entertained some of the travellers and captains of the ships where they would have had heated but interesting discussions on the state of the economy etc. Some dealing would have been done but he was basically an honest man.

I also briefly picked up on a lady who gave me the impression that she had been some form nurse and she showed me pictures of the building having been used as an emergency hospital for those injured aboard ship during battle. The conditions she showed were brutal, men being dragged off little ships into the building, legs etc being amputated with no anaesthetic, a wooden table or the floor was used to operate on, blood and innards everywhere and the surgeon used an axe looking type thing. There was no discussion, it was like, yes chop his leg off, chop, drag him out and onto the next one. I kept sensing gunpowder or gunpowder injuries / burns and seeing ships with sails (as oppose it being WW1 or WW2 type of time).

The injured were then dragged out of the rear door and put onto a cart, maybe pulled by hand (as I don't see horses)to another hospital or a safer area. I got the impression that the fear was such that they were fully expecting the enemy or shots to hit the tower at any moment, or what ever it was that was happening was pretty close. What ever the battle was, the feeling was at that time that they had lost it and the fear was very real.

Sue George has been a medium for 20 years and her friendly, non-judgmental approach helps many people with work, relationship, financial and other life choices. She always endeavors to connect with the universal energy to allow communications from loved ones to be passed through her to you. She regularly appears on platform and shares her knowledge on mediumship through talks and demonstrations.